Implantação de iluminação de emergência pra o projeto de modernização do bloco rio madeira

Autor: Ronildo de Andrade Ramalho

Orientador: Alessandro Bezerra Trindade

Alessandro Bezerra Trindade
Alessandro Bezerra Trindade
Cristiane Lucia de Freitas
Carlos Augusto Duarte Alecrim

Abstract: It is easy to observe that in the Faculty of Technology of UFAM there are no emergency lighting systems, a particular case of the Rio Madeira block where the Amazonas Energy Development Center (CDEAM) is located, systems like this are of great importance in the safety of people. which is what you want to know about its execution and its execution. The Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM, in most of its blocks with classrooms, laboratories or even administrative sectors, did not install emergency lighting systems. In the event of a loss without any electrical or electrical or artificial qualities, there is a major problem in evacuating people from any of the prerequisites, especially in non-visible periods. Knowing that the Rio Madeira Block of the Faculty of Technology of UFAM there are some laboratories of machines, administrative rooms, teachers room and classroom, does not have an emergency lighting project, it is noted the importance of surveying the need the application of an emergency system in this building, so we will ensure that, in the event of accidents requiring evacuation of an area at risk, the operational safety system.

Data da defesa: 01-11-2017

Semestre da defesa: 2017/2

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