Autor: Bruno Pinheiro da Silva

Orientador: Renan Landau Paiva de Medeiros

Renan Landau Paiva de Medeiros
Renan Landau Paiva de Medeiros
Iury Valente de Bessa
Florindo Antonio de Carvalho Ayres Júnior

Abstract: This work presents a study covering electromechanical oscillations in electrical power systems. The classic methods are considered in order to cover analysis and damping of local and interarea poorly damped oscillation modes. The procedure most used for mitigation of poorly damped electromechanic modes is based on the use Power Systems Stabilizer (PSS) directly applied on the excitation loop of the generator of the system, counteracting the delay resulting from this loop, allowing the addition of damping torque on the machine. The PSS controller will have its project analysed while operating in a single machine in?nity bus (SMIB) system in the presence of poorly damped local oscil lation mode. As an di?erent employment of PSS controllers, it will be shown the use of Flexible Alternate Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices in order to control the electric system parameters in such a way to allow proper damping. FACTS must be used alongside a Power Oscillation Damper (POD) controller, capable of controlling properly the device’s compensation functions, enhancing the damping of the system. A range of distincts POD controllers are implemented in two test systems. Firstly, a SMIB with two transmission lines is covered with di?erent controllers for the damping of the local oscil lation mode. Secondly, a multimachine power system with UPFC for the damping of the interarea poorly damped mode is considered. The performance of the designed controllers was assessed via Power System Analysis Toolbox, PSAT software. The results show the e?ciency of the proposed methodology for the design of PSS and POD controllers.

Data da defesa: 01-01-2018

Semestre da defesa: 2018/1

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